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Cool Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Cool Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there—searching for a gift for the person who has everything, and end up getting frustrated and just buy a gift card or something for yourself instead.  You can literally search every aisle of any department store and be assured they either have it, don’t want it, or don’t need it. So what do you do? Don’t worry—we have some unique gift ideas and answers for you with products they won’t already have and ones they actually want!

1. 100 Movies Scratch off Poster

UpCart | 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster

While your gift recipient may have everything, but odds are that they have been busy collecting things, they do not have time to watch everything. This scratch off board has 100 spots of movies to watch and is a completely unique gift.  It lists 100 classic movies that are must see’s from Casablanca to Jaws. Gift them this with some popcorn and inspire them to take a theatrical journey marked by scratching off each conquest! Cost is around $15.00. Available at Common Goods.

2. UpCart Stair Climbing Handcarts

UpCart Deluxe Stair Climbing Cart

Whether this is for impossible-to-shop-for Grandma to help get her holiday decorations back into the basement, for mom to help with the laundry, or for dad to haul in new furniture, the UpCart line of hand carts and trucks can fit for just about everyone, and it’s something cool they just don’t have yet!

Just when you think life couldn’t get any easier, along comes UpCart, the stair climbing folding line of hand carts and hand trucks that are up anything!  This line of carts is just a no brainer gift for anyone, whether you are living in a second story apartment or need help lifting anything from a washer to home décor.  Even better, they fold completely flat for easy storage. Not to mention, this family owned company stands by their products with a true Lifetime Guarantee on their UpCart Versa Trolley and the UpCart Hero!  Just register your UpCart and your recipient is set to save their back for the rest of their life!

Available now at or by calling 800-539-3653! 


3. Spice Blend Set

UpCart | Dipping Spice

A culinary experience from all over the world comes with these 15 spice blends by Julie PedersenThis is a unique gift that the chef in your life won’t have! They will be able to explore the core flavors of five different cuisines. Start your journey in France with herbs de Provence, tour Italy with oregano and crushed red pepper flakes, dash over to Spain with a pinch of smoked paprika, then zip to Morocco with za'atar. Try one of the recipes and bread pairings included under the lid or liven up your party spread by creating your own worldly blends!

Available at UnCommon Goods

4. A LifeStraw

UpCart | LifeStraw

This unique gift is not only a cool gadget but also life saving. This would be a great gift for any camping or hiking enthusiast!  LifeStraw purifies water instantly, so you can drink from natural sources while avoiding any of the traditional hazards. This family or friend user, will owe you big time if you help them in a pinch for some fresh water!

$19.95, available at LifeStraw

5. A first edition of your friend’s favorite book.

UpCart | Books

Take the time to find one of their favorite books! They’re even more valuable when the pages have a personal meaning. They may have the book already, but getting them a first edition can be very special.

6. Tickets to Hamilton.

UpCart | Hamilton

Yes, this show is still playing and is incredible, and there is a good chance your hard to shop for recipient hasn’t seen it. This will be pricey, but why not treat yourself and go with them on a road trip or look for tickets in your hometown. Your friend will definitely not forget this one nor will you! 

Available through Ticketmaster!


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