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Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Gift Ideas for your Boss

Maybe you have a great boss or maybe you have a not-so-great boss—either way, the prospect of finding that perfect gift may be difficult. Here are some gift ideas for your boss, whether they are naughty or nice this year!

Nice: Amish Popcorn Gift Set

UpCart | Popcorn

This popcorn gift set is a great gift idea for your boss and gives them a full pound of non-GMO heirloom kernels and a canister of salt, packaged up in a wooden crate to make for one impressive unboxing. (And it's the perfect snack for the office - since they are nice, we hope your boss shares to boost morale!).

Naughty: Desk Sign

UpCart | Boss

Why not get your less than favorite boss a desk sign that shows them how they may be perceived, but in a funny way so they can’t possibly get mad?  They can laugh, and you can have some fun joking about their “boss” demeanor.

Nice: Speks — Original (2.5mm) Mashable, Smashable, Rollable, Buildable Magnets

UpCart | Speks

Here’s another great gift idea for your boss. Is your boss on the phone a lot or reading endless emails? These are great stress relievers for your favorite boss and so much more professional than a fidget spinner!  These crunchy magnetic balls can be formed into sculptures or just squished in your hand to give your boss something to do while answering calls and emails! 

Naughty: Scotch® Cosmo Dispenser with Magic™ Tape, 1" Core

UpCart | Cosmo

It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere right? Give this cosmopolitan tape dispenser to your boss and act like it is the greatest gift you have ever given.  Make sure when you pass by his or her office, you look to see if they are trying to drink it or use it for tape!

Nice: UpCart Stair Climbing Cart

UpCart | Original

Whether this is to make your boss stand out with an innovative product or to squelch your cube mate Janet’s chances of trumping you with a better gift, the UpCart tops the list as one of the best and most unique gifts for your boss this holiday season.


UpCart is the stair climbing folding hand cart that is up anything!  Even better, they fold completely flat for easy storage, so your boss can easily store it behind their desk or neatly in their car.  These carts are AMAZING, and they work fantastically. Available now at or by calling 800-539-3653!          

Naughty: Moody Cards

UpCart | Boss Cards

These cards will help your boss tell you how they’re feeling.  That may actually be a bad idea, but could give you a heads up as a warning when not to approach them. You have to use your own judgement to see if these would be a good fit in your office for your boss, but if you're feeling fearless, try 'em out!


Nice: Putt-A-Bout Par 3

UpCart | Putt Putt

Here’s a great gift for the boss; how often do they come in talking about golf scores and how if they didn’t 3-putt or 2-putt so often, they could be in the 90’s, 80’s, or 70’s? With this gift idea, not only will the boss be busy working on their putting, but they’ll be forever thankful to you for helping their weekend hobby!

Nice: Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

UpCart | Everlast

Another gift idea for the boss is a notebook that can be wiped down with a wet paper towel and reused endlessly — they can email the notes to themselves or send them to a phone, too.

Naughty: Desk Accessory Holder

UpCart | Desk Holder

This desk accessory holds a lot of stuff, and features someone that’s doing the best that they can at multitasking. He’s got a roll of tape in his hands, a pen in his mouth, more pens behind him, and paper clips underneath. An irreverent piece, so make sure it’s office appropriate.

Nice: Countdown to Retirement Clock

UpCart | Retirement Clock

This is a fun gift idea for your boss - especially if they have quite some time until retirement. It can be a fun reminder that the two of you have a lot more time to hang out together! It can also be a thoughtful gift if their retirement is truly right around the corner, and they’re getting excited to hang up their jersey in the rafters.


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