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What To Get The Lazy People In Your Life This Christmas

Gifts for Lazy People

We all have those family members and friends who tend to be on the more lazy side of life.  That’s why we have found the best gift ideas for the, well, less ambitious people on your gift list.

1. Self-stirring mug

UpCart | Self-Stirring Mug

Let’s face itstirring takes effort and even a spoon.  There is simply no time for that in a lazy person's life, so here's a self stirring mug which will make the perfect lazy gift. 

2. Arm Pit Stickers

UpCart |Arm Pit Stickers

This has to be one of the best lazy women’s gift of all time.  Why shave when you can just cover up that unsightly hair with a sticker.  One has to wonder if they will come out with a leg sized sticker next.

 3. Popcorn Shooter

UpCart | Popcorn Shooter

The arduous task of putting your hand in the bowl of popcorn can be too much for a lazy friend.  Better to have the popcorn fly directly into their mouths with the Popcorn Shooter. 

4. The Thanko Chin Rest Arm

UpCart | Chin Rest

Staying awake at work is harder for some than others, so why not give that colleague who tends to nap at their desk a hand to help them rest their chin?

5. UpCart Stair Climbing Folding Hand Cart

Just when you think life couldn’t get any easier, along comes UpCart, the stair climbing folding line of hand carts and hand trucks that is up anything!  This line of carts is just a no brainer gift the person in your life more inclined to working smarter not harder.  Hey it may even induce more productivity to get your gift giver on the move.  These carts work to make moving easier.  Available now at or by calling 800-539-3653!         


6. The Clapper

UpCart | Clapper

An oldie but a goodie, the Clapper can help anyone from getting off their couch or bed to turn the lights out with a quick clap of their hands.  It even recognizes two claps versus three claps, but four claps is just too much effort.

7. Altwork Lying Down Desk

UpCart | Lying Down Desk

Because sitting up with a lap desk is too much effort, this quirky desk will actually keep you laying in bed and still keep up your computer work. For the low low price of $8,500, it can be yours! Now if only it had a way to hold a coffee mug. 

8. iPad Toilet Stand

UpCart | iPad Toilet Stand

When you gotta go, why not play some games and check your Instagram.  Complete with toilet paper holder, this stand is sure to make a lazy friends day brighter.

9. Sloth “My Spirit Animal”

UpCart | Sloth Spirit Animal

Yes, this shirt will be worn, but perhaps not washed by your lazy friend as they connect with their spirit animal, the Sloth.

10. Banana Slicer

UpCart | Banana Slicer

Bananas in cereal are fantastic, but I am sure you have a friend who just can’t find the effort to cut those pesky bananas.  Have no fear, now there is a solution to their problem with a custom banana slicer to make their day just that much easier.


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