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Gifts for Senior Citizens

Gifts for Senior Citizens

It can be difficult giving gifts for senior citizens. Plain and simple―they either have everything or may not want to try new items.  That is of course, unless you can find things that they truly want to use―many of these items revolve around making things easier for them.  Senior citizens want to maintain their independence and may need to adjust their homes and alter their habits, such as gardening or decorating less because it is becoming too difficult. Adapting products for safety and ease of use can greatly help people maintain their independence longer.

 We've compiled a list of some great ideas to help you give gifts for any senior citizens in your life!













  1. The Gift of Mobility: Save Their Back, One Stair at a Time with UpCart

Upcart Deluxe Stair Climbing Cart

This is not your typical “Granny Cart” that's cheaply made and dated. This is a brand new kind of cart that was designed to save their back. It eases resistance by up to 64% versus standard two-wheel carts when going up and down stairs and over rough terrain.  The UpCart will make life easier for transporting items and easing the burden that can come from going up and down the stairs. It has three wheels on each side that are large (6” in diameter each). The UpCart wheels will move with them on the stairs rotating with each step for a more fluid and less back breaking movement both up and down the stairs.

It also has an ease of use for any senior citizen.  The UpCart Versa only weighs 8.5 lbs, but can handle up to 77 lbs of weight.  A person can pull the UpCart up the stairs behind them and still keep their hand on the railing for needed stability.  Better still, the cart is easily foldable and compacts down to just over 4” in width when not in use, so it's perfectly suited whether they live in a house or a small apartment.

For a senior who is struggling with everyday tasks and wishes to maintain their independence, this is truly the best cart on the market.  The UpCart can help with any task whether it's bringing in groceries, moving potted plants, or transporting the laundry. This is a great gift for seniors to help them with their independence and mobility.  Additional accessories such as a custom fitted bag or securing bungees and straps are also a great add on for existing and new owners of this product.

Available now at or by calling 800-539-3653.

  1. The Gift of Dexterity – 5 in 1 Automatic Can Opener

Having the strength to open and close items such as pickle jars and any closed container can be a frustration for a senior (or anyone for that matter).  Again, going back to the question “What can you give someone that will help them in their daily life?”―this automatic can opener is a great fit.

UpCart | Can Opener

This 5 in 1 Opener will help you pry off jar lids, screw tops, pull tabs, and just about any other container top. This versatile kitchen gadget exists to help you save time and energy, so you have more time for other activities opposed to fighting with a jar all day.

The inner ring is lined with a silicone grip to help twist off bottle tops. The hook on the top helps pry open cans with a pull tab. That same hook can be applied to a jar lid to crack the seal. The standard bottle opener takes off bottle caps, and the compartment on the bottom easily slips over soda pop tabs for easy opening. This is a tool MacGyver would approve of for its versatility.

Get yours today at

  1. The Gift of Memories - My Life Story – So Far

This one is more sentimental than functional, but this will be a journey rather than just a gift. Memories are important― this is an inspirational gift to create a lasting family keepsake that will be treasured for generations.  It is important to pass on traditions and family stories. Beginning with "The Early Years," this uniquely designed journal is organized in nine sections, each containing thought-provoking prompts to spark a colorful personal memoir that captures the memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There's even a section dedicated to list the things you hope to accomplish next!

UpCart | Memory BookFill in the sewn, cloth bound journal on your own schedule, as little or as much as you would like, and it gradually becomes a treasure trove of experiences that will be cherished by you, your children, grandchildren, and generations to come with the “My Life Story – So Far” book.

Available now for only $30.00 on

  1. The Gift of Light – Lutron Motion Sensor Light Switch

As we get older, not being able to see in the dark can present real safety issues. Lutron’s sensors effectively detect any motion, so they automatically turn lights on when someone enters a space and turn them off when leaving. Not only does this make them a convenient way to save energy, but they also add simple automation and safety to the home. These would be a terrific gift for a senior to help them navigate dark rooms and hallways.

UpCart | Lutron Motion Sensor Light SwitchPurchases yours today on for only $21.64. Also, consider adding stick on LED lights to their switch plates that also shine down on the floor. Extra light is great, no matter your age, and this illuminating little gift could prevent a dangerous fall. Indoor/outdoor motion sensor lights are also great to place around front porch steps and indoor stairways. Another great way to illuminate an older person’s living space is to replace outlet covers with SnapPower Guidelights. The SnapPower Guidelight is a plug-and-play replacement for standard plug-in night lights and hardwired lights. SnapPower is designed to look like a standard outlet cover by day, with beautiful LEDs that provide ambient lighting at night. It installs within seconds and requires no wires or batteries. It is a great gift for senior citizens.

  1. The Gift of Independence – Accessible Showers

Bathing can be an arduous task for seniors.  It is difficult to get into and out of any bathtub for countless reasons.  It is also a potential place for a fall. Accessible showers have no curb and are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs. People with mobility challenges can walk in directly or transfer into a barrier free shower or alternatively a wheelchair user can roll into an accessible shower stall.

UpCart | Shower

A residential accessible shower is safe and comfortable for people of all abilities. An accessible shower stall with the shower floor at the same level with the bathroom floor allows both individuals with a physical disability as well as people of all abilities to enjoy safe and comfortable bathrooms without sacrificing style.

Showers have a slip resistant textured floor adding to user safety. Most models also have pre-leveled and reinforced shower bases, saving installation time and eliminating future problems, making this a great gift for senior citizens.

For more information, please visit

Gifts For Elderly Men

Golf Gift Certificates

Whether your favorite elderly man is looking for clubs, something sharp to wear on the course, or just wants to get on the course. You cannot go wrong with a gift certificate for either the clubhouse, pro shop, course, or a golf retailer. You have many options with this gift idea for elderly men, retailers are online as well for last minute shopping!

Morning Attire

Sunday morning is when I put my bathrobe on and enjoy the news, the paper, and any other updates on current events/sporting events. When you’re older and retired, every morning is Sunday morning. A great gift for elderly men, would be a comfortable bathrobe, fuzzy socks, or a nice pair of slippers. Let’s make his morning as comfortable as possible as he starts his new day!

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