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Hand Truck vs Dolly | What's the Difference?

Hand Truck vs Dolly

Hand Truck vs Dolly

When it comes to moving big and heavy objects, having the right equipment for the job is absolutely essential to make the experience faster, easier, and safer. You probably know that you will need to use a hand truck or a dolly. But first - what is the difference between the two of them and which one will be best for your needs? Don’t worry, we have the answers below!

What is the difference between a hand truck and a dolly?

Hand truck

A hand truck is L-shaped with large wheels and stands upright. The main difference between hand trucks and dollies (also known as Hand Cart) is that the loading platform is flush with the ground on hand trucks. To use it, simply slide the platform underneath the item you want to move, then tilt the metal frame of the hand truck toward you, so that it is now balancing on its wheels. This allows you to roll the load easily wherever it needs to go. 

Hand trucks are great for moving tall items like wardrobes or refrigerators, and for moving stackable smaller items like boxes. 

Hand trucks come in different styles and load capacities. For all-around use, convenience, and effectiveness, we recommend the UpCart Lift. It is a multi-purpose, powerhouse of a hand truck that easily maneuvers over uneven surfaces and distributes weight over four wheels in contact with the ground for trouble-free handling. It is also easily transportable and folds completely flat for convenient storage.

Dolly (Hand Cart)

A dolly or hand cart, on the other hand, has a raised platform - keeping your items off the ground and out of the dirt or wet ground. A dolly or hand cart requires you to pick up and place those items on the cart. A dolly is typically used for smaller items, such as groceries, laundry, cases of water, boxes etc. It’s also important to note that most dollies / hand carts have wheel guard - an arm that connects the base of the platform to the cart. When securing wide items to a dolly, a bungee cord or strap will be needed. 

A dolly / hand cart is also designed to be used with accessories such as bags and crates. It is customary for dollies to be purchased with a custom fitted bag for that cart that makes it easier to transport loose items such as groceries or laundry. 

Platform Dolly

There is also a third category of hand trucks and dollies - and that is the platform dolly. This cart has a raised platform and four wheels that fit entirely under a heavy object, which raises the item off the floor and makes it easy to move. It is designed to transport large items, such as pianos, furniture or large appliances. Unlike the hand truck, there is no lever or lifting mechanism, so you will most likely need help lifting your item onto the dolly. These are also unable to go up and down stairs due to the wheels and overall width of the cart.

Is it all clear now?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that make a video?

The team at UpCart is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility with innovative products that give people the freedom to do what they love by enhancing their mobility. Still have questions about the right product for your move or job? Contact us today to find out which option best meets your needs. 

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