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Life Hacks For Taking Care Of Your Dog

Life Hacks for Dogs

We all love our furry little friends, but let’s face it. Life is hard and we all have so many commitments whether it be work, taking care of children or our regularly crazy schedules. It’s fair to say sometimes one of the last things we are thinking about is how much dog food is left and if there are shots due at the vet. This is not to say our pets are not immeasurably important, but while they live for us, we sometimes just can’t be as in tune to their needs as we would like to be with life continually moving at such a fast pace. There are ways to make this easier. Here are our top 5 tips for working smarter not harder for taking care of your best friend:

1. Find A Vet That Fits Your Schedule

It can be difficult to make a 10:30AM appointment on a Tuesday to get your dog her annual shots and checkup. Getting in on a Saturday can take weeks and the wait to get in can be substantial because let’s face it, you weren’t the only one who needed to get in on a weekend. Find a vet who can take your pet before work and you can pick up on your way home. This way, you aren’t on their schedule and your pet can get all the care they need without the waiting. Also, make sure you choose a vet who helps with your scheduling letting you know when it’s time to have your dog come in.

2. Go Ahead and Buy the Biggest Bag of Food

One of the biggest hassles in a day can be when you are home, groceries are bought, chores are done and you are just settling down for some well-deserved chill out time and the dog has no food prompting a rush trip to the pet store. Consider this the next time you go to get the food. Buy the biggest bag available. Heck, buy two. While it may be difficult to lift the bag, know that the pet stores employees will load any pet food in your car for you. Be smart, use an UpCart to get the large bags into the house and save your back. UpCart reduces strain and effort by up to 64% and folds flat for easy storage. No strain and your pet has food for a longer period of time.

3. Keep Them Happy with a “Toy” Drawer

Most pets, especially dogs can really need a lot of special attention when their owner is focused on other things. If you have ever worked from home and found that when you are on a conference call, you dog thinks this is the best time to play ball, you understand this dilemma. Or if you have someone coming to the door and the dog is an over greeter, the “Toy Drawer” may be for you. Have a drawer with new toys and chews that contain special treats for your pet. When you are busy or expecting someone, give this to your pet and let them be distracted for a bit while you do what you need to do. Find the dog chews they like best and still take time to get through. It’ll save you the hassle of explaining why there is barking on your conference call or apologizing for your dog jumping all over your guest.

4. Don’t Discount Day Care Days

Maybe you are hosting a party, maybe the kids have back to back basketball games. Sometimes it is hard to remember through all our chaos that your faithful pup is living for the moment you come home and needs play time. Make it easier on both you and your pet when you know the schedule is going to be tough and book a doggie day care day. This will give your pet a chance to play all day and when you need them to be alone for the evening or calmer when having guests, their full day will make them ready for rest. It’s a win win for busy dog owners.

5. Ditch Washing the Dog in the Shower

Every pet owner knows that wash day for your pet can be a hassle and takes significant time. Stop washing your dog in the shower. It’s messy, clogs the drains and the pet hair goes everywhere. You end up having to scrub your entire bathroom when it is over. Many pet stores now have dog washes available ranging from $10 - $15 per wash. While this is an expense, this is a worthwhile investment to cleaning your pooch. All you will need for a bath is set up and ready to go, including drying your dog. No mess, no clean up, no hassle and will save you time. You can just come home with a clean dog and leave the mess behind.

Having a dog can bring the happiest moments even through all of our busy lifestyles. Take some time to think about how both you and your dog can make some of the chaos better for both of you. You may find saving some of this time will lead to more quality time with your best friend.


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