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Tips to Simplify your Holiday Decorating!

Simplify Holiday Decorating

It is that time of year againtake down the Halloween decorations, make way for Thanksgiving and oh wait…now it’s time for the Christmas tree! Let’s face it decorating for the Holiday season can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. There is no need to have garland throughout the house and mistletoe strategically placed on every door frame. Sometimes people overdo the holiday decor, and it becomes cluttered and over the top. Check out some of these life hacks to making your decorating less cumbersome!

A Simple Color Change

Change out candle sticks for more festive colors – takes literally one minute to do.  Just keep different colors for the season close by! And if you don’t want to change them from Halloween through Christmas, remember a nice shade of deep red will fit for all these Holidays!

Red Candlestick


Candy Cane’s That Disappear

Use Candy Canes on your tree or mantle. This one cleans itself up. Whenever any kids come over, simply let them have a candy cane!  By the end of Christmas, they will be gone!  Simple and your home becomes the magical house where the kids get to eat candy off the tree!

 UpCart | Candy Cane Tree

Work Smarter, Not Harder

So, if you do feel the need to haul everything up from the basement or down from the guest bedroom closet to decorate, why strain your back when all you need to do is “UpCart” your decorations where they need to be? UpCart is a line of stair climbing folding hand carts fully equipped to do the job of moving everything you need up and down the stairs for the Holiday season. This investment (around $100) is worth its weight in gold when it comes to moving any large items such as the Christmas tree or bins of ornaments. It literally climbs the stairs with you, easing resistance on your back.  This is a better way to move and the best part is you can put it away easily since it folds to approx. 4” flat. Also, for all those miscellaneous items that are smaller, you can move them in bulk with custom fitted bags that attach to the cart to make the season bright!


Pick Your Spot to Decorate

Let’s face it — the entire house is a lot to decorate. Why not simplify and take some time to only work on one room or general area for the holidays? The fireplace is a perfect spot to decorate beautifully while leaving the rest of the house as is. Everyone will notice the beauty of the fireplace and not notice there aren’t decorations in the bathroom!

 UpCart | FireplaceUpCart | Holiday Decorating

Use Greenery from Outside

One of the simplest ways to brighten up your holiday, especially if you don’t want to spend on decor, is to use greenery from outside. Use some evergreen branches to spruce up your centerpiece or to decorate your fireplace. You can even make your Christmas gifts look amazing with just a little touch of greenery! Heck for this one, you don’t even need to go shopping, just go to your backyard!

UpCart | Holiday Decorating


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