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Give the Gift of Mobility for Senior Citizens












It can be difficult shopping for senior citizens.  Plain and simple ― they either have everything or are not amenable to trying new items.  That is of course, unless you can find things that they truly will want to use (keep in mind: many of these items revolve around making things easier for them).  Senior citizens want to maintain their independence and may need to adjust their homes and alter their habits, such as gardening or decorating less because it is becoming too difficult.  UpCart OriginalAdapting products for safety and ease of use can greatly help people retain their independence longer. When looking at gifts for someone like this, there is a new item on the marketplace that has become a must have.  It is called the UpCart.                                                                                                               This is not your typical “Granny Cart” that is cheaply made and dated.  This is a brand-new kind of cart that was designed to save your back.  It eases effort by 64% of going up and down stairs and over rough terrain.  The UpCart will make life easier for transporting items and easing the burden that can come from going up and down the stairs.  It has three wheels on each side that are large (6” in diameter each).  The UpCart wheels will move with you on the stairs rotating with each step for a more fluid and less back breaking movement both up and down the stairs.







UpCart Original

It also has an ease of use for any senior citizen.  The UpCart Original only weighs 9.7 lbs, but can handle up to 100 lbs of weight.  A person can pull the UpCart up the stairs behind them and still keep their hand on the railing for needed stability.  Better still, the cart is easily foldable and compacts down to 4” in width when not in use, so it is perfectly suited whether they live in a house or a small apartment.

For a senior who is struggling with everyday tasks and wishes to maintain their independence, this is truly the best cart on the market.  The UpCart can help with any task whether it is to bring in groceries, move potted plants or help transport the laundry.  It is the type of item that can give the gift of independence to someone who may be struggling with mobility.  


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