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Moving Timeline: A Week by Week Checklist

Moving Timeline

The Ultimate Moving Timeline

Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of an upcoming move? You’re in good company. A little planning and preparation will go a long way to reduce your stress levels. Here’s a timeline to help you prepare for your move:

Eight Weeks Prior

  • Create a “moving file” for all your move-related paperwork and notes. 
  • Make a realistic budget for moving expenses.
  • Start sorting through your belongings and decide what you are going to keep, donate or discard.
  • Research moving companies and book the best mover for you. We recommend using a service like Unpakt to find a reputable moving company, compare prices, and book your move online. 
  • Give your employer advance notice if you are leaving the city, planning to resign or just need to request time off work for moving day.


Six Weeks Prior

Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Get your packing supplies. At this point, you should know what you need  – i.e. boxes, tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, markers, etc.
  • Plan a garage sale to sell some of the items you don’t want to move and make some money to spend on moving expenses. Don’t want to have a garage sale? Utilize Facebook Marketplace or download the Letgo app - those are two easy ways to sell items online!
  • Obtain copies of your personal records from doctors, dentists, and lawyers. 
  • Notify schools of the forthcoming move (if you have kids). Obtain copies of your child’s school records and look into the enrollment process at schools near the location of your new residence.

    Four Weeks Prior

    • Start packing the non-essential items (the things you won’t need to use in the coming month). 
    • Notify utility companies (water, electricity, and gas) and other service providers (cable, telephone, internet) to start the process of closing out service at your current address and getting things set up at your new address.
    • Let your landlord know that you’re moving (if you’re renting). 

    Two Weeks Prior

    • Change your address. Complete a change of address with the U.S. Postal service. Notify credit card companies and banks of your new address. 
    • Check with your insurance agent to transfer your policy to the new residence.
    • Make sure your car is serviced and ready for the trip
    • Box up most everything left in your house and ensure it’s labeled.
    • Set aside valuables, such as jewelry or family heirlooms, and keep them in a safe place to be transported yourself away from other packed items.
    • Properly dispose of items that can’t be moved, such as certain cleaning materials, paint, or propane.

      One Week Prior

      • Pack up your remaining belongings.
      • Ensure that the utilities and services at your old address are scheduled to be disconnected and connected at your new address
      • Pack a suitcase with essential items that you will need right away at your new residence. Don’t load it on the moving truck. Take it with you.
      • Confirm the date and time of the move with your mover.

        A Few Days Prior

        • Clean out and empty your refrigerator and freezer. While you’re at it, clear your pantry and cupboards of any open food items.
        • Keep your important move-related documents handy and at the ready in one safe place.

          Moving Day

          Older Couple Moving

          • Help your movers by being available to identify fragile or large items, being there when they load items onto the truck, and being there to coordinate and answer questions.
          • Perform a final check to make sure nothing is left behind.

          Organizing a perfect move is not easy. We hope that this moving timeline is helpful. Check out our other posts for additional moving tips! 


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