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The Best Way to Save Your Back at Work

Save Your Back At Work

Let’s face it.  Image matters.  In your work life, one of the best ways to impress is to look polished and together.  There are days where that can be next to impossible with everything you have to constantly haul into work, on sales calls or in countless meetings and presentations. Why not make your life easier and come in making a more professional entrance with an UpCart, a stair climbing folding hand cart that can that can save your back while making you look good doing it.  

When it comes to making an impression, the UpCart is the best way to appear organized and professional, especially if you have to encounter stairs.  It will take each step in stride with you with even when you are pulling a heavy items up and down stairs.  It was the perfect item to purchase as an executive.  The UpCart has three wheels on each side and it literally helps to go up and down stairs and the uneven terrain, such as all those wires everywhere on the floor when setting up for a presentation.  The UpCart will hold everything needed from the projector to handouts and paperwork while still keeping a hand free.  Picture yourself walking into a presentation loaded down with papers, projector, computer and all the other things you need.  Make a powerful first impression by walking head up with the UpCart having everything you need organized behind you..  Another nice point of using the UpCart is as soon as you are done with it,  it will fold flat and fit easily away, even under a desk.  Definitely a great item for making a professional impression. 

The UpCart® line of carts has changed the functionality of the standard hand truck with it’s stair climbing capability coupled with the ability to fold completely flat in seconds.  These carts are a game changer when it comes to hauling paperwork, presentation and sales materials. There was nothing out there that addressed the difficulties that come with having to transport items up throughout the work day. Many carts to transport items are poorly made and can’t handle going up and down stairs.  It is the perfect tool to get the job done with ease everytime.

“We knew that anyone in the work force could use this cart to their advantage.  When my wife was a professional speaker, she took her UpCart everywhere for her presentations.  She took one of our prototypes and refused to give it back because it made her life so much easier!  Good thing we had another one!” -Michael Reznik | UpCart® CEO. 

This new concept of a folding hand cart that will go up and down stairs has antiquated the standard hand cart in numerous ways. First the ability to have a stair climbing all terrain cart versus the standard two wheeled hand truck speaks for itself. The UpCart®  will ease resistance up and down stairs by up to 64%. Another impressive distinction from the standard hand cart is the handle. The telescopic handle of these carts is longer than standard folding hand trucks. Fully extended, it is up to 44” in height. It also has three handle height options depending on the job with large easy to hold grips. This makes the UpCart® carts the new standard for folding hand trucks. 

“Our company’s mission is to save our customers backs one stair at a time. Our UpCart® line of products and accessories are all focused on functionality, ease of use and reducing effort.  We saw the need in the marketplace for this and our customers call us all the time to thank us for helping make their lives easier. That’s something to be very proud of.” - Michael Reznik | UpCart CEO.


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