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STOP IT! Ways You are Hurting Your Back and Solutions To Making It Better

Hurting Your Back

We never gave a thought to lifting that big box or moving furniture across the room in our 30’s, but the game has changed with our aging backs and we now need to work smarter not harder.  Back pain is one of the most common complaints doctors see patients for and as we age it only gets worse. There are many ways we are hurting our backs and maybe don’t even think about it. Here are some back-breaking reasons you may be hurting and ideas on how to avoid the pain. 

1. Sitting at Work All Day is Back Breaking

Your back pain isn’t just from lifting heavy items, did you know it can be from simple things you don’t even think about like sitting at your desk all day.  It’s true.  Sitting puts significantly more pressure on your spine than standing.  When you are working a long day focused on the task at hand, it’s easy to forget to get up, stretch and take a break.  Even a short walk would benefit your back.

Take the time and effort to make your workspace better for your back.  Make sure you are supporting your lower back.  One of the biggest causes of pain is because your chair isn’t giving you the support necessary.  Get a chair with support or use a footrest to help better position your lower back.


2. Not Working Out

If you don’t use it, you lose it.  It’s a fair statement when it comes to your back.  If you aren’t working out the muscles in your back, they will weaken leaving you susceptible to more pain.  The inactive joints will lose lubrication causing the pain to be even worse. Ask your doctor about some of the best exercises for your particular pain.  Even walking is good for your back in the fact that it can help loosen the muscles.   

Yoga could be a beneficial answer for you.  Yoga is by definition a widely practiced discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures.  More importantly, it is widely practiced for health.  Yoga is good for your back case closed.  Not ready for advanced hot yoga?  Take some time to learn online some basic moves and see if this is something you would want to pursue further.  With Yoga, there are many different levels for all age ranges.  Even if you have back pain currently, it can help to build up muscles and keep you flexible.  Make sure to consult your doctor before taking on anything new.   


3. You’re Not as Young as You Used to be

Maybe when you see your friends or family and they challenge you to do a tackle football game, you should consider refraining.  Pushing your body when you haven’t been doing a certain exercise can put too much pressure on your back and the next thing you know that 100 yards takes you 100 hours to recuperate.  

Use common sense.  Know what your limits are on your body and don’t push them.

4. You are not Maintaining Good Posture

Posture matters. Standing up straight and keeping a healthy posture when sitting as well can help to prevent back pain. Poor posture can put unwanted stress on muscles leading to pain down the road. A good standing posture includes:

  • Standing straight – keep your head straight, shoulders back and stand tall
  • Suck in the gut – push your abdomen in
  • Balance your feet – keep the weight on the balls of your feet
  • Relax – don’t lock your knees


5. You are Overusing Your Back
As our body ages, we become more susceptible to strained muscles, ligaments and muscle spasms. When you lift something inappropriately or too heavy, chances are your back will be the part to suffer. As a result, you could end up with anything from a pulled muscle to ruptured or bulging disks.

A good solution is to avoid this problem altogether. Take the steps to work smarter and not harder and ease the burden on your back. Take advantage of things that will help reduce effort on your back such as the UpCart line of products. UpCarts are specifically designed to save your back by reducing effort up and down stairs. Why put the extra strain on yourself when you can use UpCart to save your back?

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