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The 6 Party Planning Hacks You Need To Know

Spring is officially here, and it’s time for us to get our party on! Before you start tapping the keg and firing up the grill, make sure to check out these fool proof party hacks, so you and your guests have a great time!

1. Label Glasses

Provide a little station for guests to get their glasses and label them however they want. This way, you cut down on half drunk cups that someone forgot was theirs and hey - you’ll instantly know who didn’t clean up their mess at the end of the party!

2. Keep wine chilled with frozen grapes

Some grape on grape action for keeping those white wines nice and cool. Simply add frozen grapes which won’t change the taste or water the wine down. Doesn’t hurt that they are a fresh cold fruit to pick at in between sips.

3. Get some portable trash bag holders.

This is especially great for any outdoor party to keep the trash contained. These inexpensive holders will make for easy clean up for both your guests and you. Available on Amazon!

4. Use a cupcake liner with straws to keep the bugs away.

This is one of those “why didn’t we think of this sooner” ideas. The cupcake liner keeps the bugs out and it adds some decorative flair to the summer drink concoctions you will be making.

5. Make cheap vodka taste great! Filter it through a water filter!

Most vodkas are filtered through charcoal multiple times to remove bad tasting elements. A Brita filter acts in the same way. Run your terrible vodka through a couple times and wow your guests with its improved taste (and your bydget skills).

6. Make transporting EVERYTHING easier with an UpCart Lift!

From the start to finish of every party, the UpCart Lift stair climbing folding hand truck will carry up to 200 lbs and is the best party investment you can make. It can transport your keg, ice, and any coolers where you need them to be and take the trash out when everyone leaves. Better yet, it will move anything up and down stairs or on uneven pavement or rough terrain. The UpCart Lift is a no-brainer when doing your party planning! Visit to get your UpCart Lift today!

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