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Making Your Move Hassle Free

So, you have to move…now what? You know you have to label boxes and figure out which goes where, but how do you cut costs and save your back when moving to your next home? Here are some sure-fire ways to make your next move less of a hassle.

1. It’s Better to be Seen

Get yourself some clear plastic bins and use these for the most important, must have right away items. Think to yourself, "what do I need ASAP in the next few days after the move?" This could include toiletries, toilet paper, utensils, plates, some clothes, tools, etc.

2. Ditch the Expensive Bubble Wrap

There's no need to purchase any bubble wrap or additional items to prevent breakage. Use your clothes, blankets and bedsheets (they are going to the new home anyway). This way, you cut your costs on everything from plates to pictures. Using big blankets to protect your artwork definitely comes in handy as well since you can easily mark which blanket is covering each piece.

3. Buy an UpCart

Now that you have saved on the bubble wrap, it’s time to save your back. Whether you're moving yourself or if you have professional movers, this handy stair climbing folding cart is a necessity for all the items you will need to transport from clothes to dressers. This investment (around $100) is worth its weight in gold when it comes to moving. It literally climbs the stairs with you, easing resistance on your back. This is a better way to move and the best part is you can put it away easily since it folds to approx. 4” flat! Also, for all those miscellaneous items that are smaller, you can move them in bulk with custom fitted bags to the cart as well.

4. Don’t Get Screwed by Losing Screws

Okay, the UpCart will handle your big to medium items, but what about the small stuff like screws for a TV mount? Keep it with the mount at all times. Simply use ziplock bags and tape them directly to the item you need them for. No hassle and no searching. Another helpful hint is to take pictures of how it is mounted and how the cords are plugged in for an easier setup.

5. Bankers Boxes Aren’t Just for Documents

Bankers Boxes come in very handy for many items such as books and plates. The reason these are the best (especially if you are moving yourself) is that they have handles on the side for easy picking up. They are sturdy and can carry the weight of heavier items such as a load of books. And it doesn’t hurt that they fit perfectly on the UpCart.

6. Don’t Buy Boxes

There are numerous ways to get free moving boxes. Try some of these:

  • Post on your local Facebook group asking if anyone has boxes they want to get rid of. Chances are there are people who have just moved and want to give them away.
  • Go to any of the businesses or warehouses in your area that would potentially have boxes to donate. Many times, they just get rid of them and they could be perfect boxes for handling a move. They would likely be happy to donate since you would be taking them off their hands and they don’t have to fill their dumpster that week!
  • Check with your local grocery store and see if they will give you boxes they are done using. They go through a lot of deliveries in a week, and there are always boxes they are breaking down.


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  • These look absolutely amazing your products come very highly recommended I hope I become the next winner to be honored to own one of your amazing UpCarts. Thanks for this amazing opportunity

    • Traci Baker