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    Start saving your back around the house for just $69.99.

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Time to save your back.

Make the UpCart Deluxe your workhorse around the house and leave the pain behind.

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UpCart® Deluxe Save your back at home.



The UpCart Deluxe combines an all-terrain three-wheel chassis with a folding hand cart, with unique engineering that makes it easy to bring home the groceries or haul a cabinet up to your fifth floor apartment. UpCart improves stability, is capable of “walking” over irregular terrain and always folds flat for compact storage. Rated for up to 125lbs

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    Around the House
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    Ratio,with Bungee
  • Carries up to 125 lbs.

  • Weighs 10.6 lbs.

  • Extendable to 44”

OPEN DIMENSIONS 43.9” H X 23” W X 19.5”

FOLDED DIMENSIONS 21.2” H X 24.3“ W X 4.4” L


CONSTRUCTION Powder coated aluminum frame with cast aluminum platform; nylon reinforced wheels with non-marking rubber tires and shielded bearings

OUT OF STOCK Regular price $69.99

Watch the UpCart® Deluxe

Get the perks.

Every UpCart Deluxe includes the kinds of features to easily take you where you’re going.


Take along your heaviest stuff, without the lifting.


Comes ready to work right out of the box!


Change the height of the 3 positions handle to best suit you.


Reduces effort on stairs, curb and uneven surfaces.

Check the specs.

The UpCart Deluxe conveniently folds flat for easy storage, keeping you ready for your next move.

UpCart® Deluxe

OPEN DIMENSIONS 43.9” H X 23” W X 19.5”

FOLDED DIMENSIONS 21.2” H X 24.3“ W X 4.4” L


CONSTRUCTION Powder coated aluminum frame with cast aluminum platform; nylon reinforced wheels with non-marking rubber tires and shielded bearings

OUT OF STOCK Regular price $69.99

Still have questions?

We've got the answers to help you stay moving with the UpCart Deluxe.

What’s different & unique about the UpCart Deluxe?

The UpCart® Deluxe is multipurpose workhorse that is great to keep around the house or in the car. Engineered to be an UpCart you can use everyday to reduce the effort of carrying items on stairs, over curbs and irregular terrain. It features a capacity of up to 125 lbs and only weighs only 10.6 lbs. The UpCart Deluxe decreases pressure applied on supporting surfaces, improves stability and is capable of “walking” over curbs, stairs and irregular terrain. It is very easy to use because you can adjust the handle to one of three different heights. Just set the handle to your preferred height to make it most comfortable for moving your items. It also will fold completely flat for easy storage and transport. This UpCart also comes with a free bungee cord included to safely secure your items. The UpCart Deluxe is a cart you would use everyday for anything from groceries to heavy toolboxes. 

As with all of our UpCart offerings, it comes fully assembled.

What are the best uses for the UpCart Deluxe?

The UpCart Deluxe is a smart choice for anyone who wants to move items more efficiently. It is built to handle up to 125 lbs and only weighs 10.6 lbs.  There are no limits to the daily tasks the UpCart Deluxe can offer to help with such as...

  • Getting groceries into the kitchen with ease
  • Moving the laundry up and down the stairs
  • Transporting cases of drinks (perfect for wine, beer, bottled water, etc.) into the house
  • Getting pet food or supplies into the house
  • Getting seasonal decorations out to where they need to go
  • Moving Document Boxes / Milk Crates / Product Samples, etc. 

Really it is up to you and your lifestyle for what you would use the UpCart Deluxe for as it is not limited to just moving one item. Ask yourself, how would you use the UpCart Deluxe?  Chances are you will have a lot of answers to that question! 

What material is the UpCart Deluxe made from?

The UpCart® Deluxe is solidly built from aluminum, plastic and steel. The UpCart Deluxe is primarily made of aluminum (68%) which includes the platform. This is an UpCart that is built to last and handle everyday chores. Full composition:

Aluminum 68%, Plastic 27%, Steel 5%

What is the warranty for the UpCart Deluxe?

The UpCart Deluxe was built to hold up to the rigors of daily use. We stand behind the quality of our products and are proud to offer a one year manufacturer's warranty on the UpCart Deluxe against any manufacturing defects! Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and non-transferrable.

Are there any accessories for this product?

Yes there are accessories for the UpCart® Deluxe.  

The UpGrade Deluxe Bag is the perfect complement to the UpCart Deluxe. This bag is custom fitted for the UpCart Deluxe as a rugged, tote style, 12 gallon bag made from Cordura nylon (known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs) and has a rip-stop nylon liner that expands the capacity of the bag to over 20 gallons! The multipurpose bag is easily attached with secure straps. The UpGrade Deluxe Bag can also be carried separately with removable straps. There is a cell phone pocket for convenience.  The bag is yellow and orange.

We also offer a second bag option called the UpCart Tote Bag. This bag is also custom fitted to the cart and attaches the same way as the UpGrade Bag. However this bag does not have the shoulder strap or expandable liner. 

If you are looking to secure your larger items safely on the UpCart Deluxe, look no further.  We have great bungee cord and strap options.  

For a list of all accessories, just click on the Shop All page!

Can you place wide objects on the UpCart Deluxe?

Yes, the UpCart® Deluxe is able to handle items larger than its platform base. The UpCart Deluxe does feature brackets on either side of the platform that act as both a locking mechanism to keep the cart from folding during use and as wheel guards to prevent anything from interfering with the operation of the wheels. 

Simply place items that are larger than the base in front of the brackets/wheel guards, and tilt back against the frame or secure with a bungee. Your load will not interfere with the use of the wheels up and down steps and over irregular terrain.  

Please refer to the video on this page to see how it works!

Is assembly required for the UpCart Deluxe?

No way! As with all of our UpCarts, the UpCart® Deluxe comes fully assembled and ready to roll.