UpCart® Fold-A-Crate

Folding milk crate for multi functional, portable storage! The UpCart Fold-A-Crate is ideal for everything from holding shopping bags in the trunk to toting cleaning supplies. Best of all, when it's not in use, collapse it down to mere inches for easy storage. Perfect storage bin for your UpCart Hero Dolly or Versa Trolley!
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Good UpCart® Bungee

This custom set of two 36-inch bungee cords have a flat elastic strap with plastic covered metal hooks at both ends. The bungees are black and yellow in color to match your UpCart Stair Climbing Dolly.
    • Bungee cords are 36" long
    • Hooks have 1" opening
    • Hooks are 3" long
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UpCart® Strap Up

The UpCart Strap Up comes with a set of four interchangeable straps that allow you to strap on anything you can imagine to your UpCart. Each strap is adjustable in length and allows you to quickly secure your load without having to stretch or strain.
    • Four interchangeable straps
    • Adjustable length fits any need
    • No stretching required
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UpCart® Tote Bag

Add a custom fitted bag to your UpCart that carries everything you need and secures easily with quick release straps. Made from durable, abrasion resistant Cordura nylon, this tote bag can haul up to 12 gallons of items.
    • Customized & secure fit
    • Carry capacity of 12 gallons
    • Cell phone pocket
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Fashion Bag for UpCart®Versa

Roll with style with our fashionable bag for your UpCart®Versa. With an 11.45 gallon carry capacity and water-resistant fabric, the UpCart® Fashion Bag is sure to make shopping with UpCart®Versa a breeze. "Learn More" to see available patterns.
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