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UpCart® was born of necessity and ingenuity. While vacationing with his then 5-year-old granddaughter on Cape Cod in 2007, Leonid was annoyed to have to haul all the gear he & his wife brought from the parking lot to the beach, which were separated by a 45ft cliff. When he commented to his wife, Inna, that moving their things back and forth was a pain, she replied, “Surely you can think of something to do about it.” The next year, while at home on the shores of Lake Erie, Leonid observed the difficulty his fellow beach-goers were having moving their wheeled carts across a large expanse of sand toward the water.

An engineer by training and an inventor by inclination, Leonid knew that having a hub of 3 wheels would make it possible for a cart to “walk” up the stairs. But that only tackled one problem. 3 wheel hubs are large, and it would be inconvenient to shuttle a giant cart around in case you needed to move something. Leonid started to think about how such a cart would be used when needed and stored when not.

And so, the UpCart® was born: a large, 3-wheel base for stability and the ability to move your things when you need it and the ability to fold flat for storage and take up minimum amounts of space when you don’t. Leonid built the original prototype in 2009 and a revised one in 2011.

The invention is only the first step in a long journey, involving the efforts of family, relatives, and friends to help launch UpCart® into the brand you see today. UpCart® came to market in 2015 at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV to instance success. The UpCart® Original won the Most Innovative Concept award from the Nationa Inventors Association of America. In the past five years, UpCart® products were awarded the Retailer’s Choice Award four times by the North American Hardware and Paint Association.

And we’re not done yet! We are constantly working on bettering the user experience and learning from our customers. This year, Leonid has improved upon his previous designs and we are launching a whole new line of products – UpCart® Journey, UpCart® Boost, and UpCart® Lift NG – in early 2022.

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